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Provide Buy/Sell the petroleum industry products Incredible collaboration opportunities and platforms.

Sovereign Royal Energy, which is a part of the GDHI Group Alliance and Strategic Partiers, has been serving the world's energy development and utilization since its establishment. After years of growth and transformation, the company has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with world-renowned oil, gas, and engineering companies in Singapore (ASEAN), the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar), and Eurasia (Kazakhstan) as well. Its business covers Europe, Asia, America, Canada and Australia.

Recently, Sovereign Royal Energy has participated in and invested in the construction of high-quality projects such as the Morocco LNG and Gas Storage Facility Module Project, Sri Lanka Storage Terminal, etc. These projects have received high praise from customers and wide recognition in the industry. In addition to focusing on the development of traditional energy, the company has actively entered into modular LNG plants, solar and wind power, and other emerging energy industries with JV global partners, forming a domestic area and Global market pattern.

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We offer business services that connect the final seller and buyer in any non-sanctioned area for the supply of commodities such as crude oil, A1, EN590, D2, JP54, gas, LNG, and more. We welcome actual companies in the petroleum services industry to join our buy/sell platform. We invite you to make formal presentations and informal requests to purchase with your purchasing power.

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Welcome to other business

Modules House 

Our Global House - "Sonnenstadt" mission is to use innovative technology to produce affordable, high-quality homes through advanced hi-tech materials to mass-produce module house manufacturing.

Prefabricated Flat Pack Modular House/Movable Easy Installation Modules House


Why efficiency of "Sonnens" solar panels is higher than similar products in the market?

One of the unique HIT (High-density Interconnect

Technology) leading technology Higher efficiency 21.4%


Leading technology

Sonnens HIT is amongst the most powerful solar panels in the market.


Module efficiency is the key indicator of how efficiently your solar panel can convert the light energy captured into electric energy. A higher figure means your panel is more powerful and you need less space on the roof, leaving free space for future expansion.

Material: Steel Structure (External Construction by ECO Material)

Usage: Warehouse, Villa, Dormitories, Temporary Offices, Workshop, Guest Room

Certification: ISO, CE

Customized: Customized

Color: Customized

Valid Term: 15 Years to 30 Years (Subject to the final Contract)

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"GDHI Group" offers several advantages to our clients when it comes to construction projects:

  1. Construction management: We act as advocates for our clients and perform due diligence in the pre-construction phase to minimize risks and ensure a smooth start to the project.

  2. Program management: We have industry knowledge and expertise in areas such as project accounting, team management, maintaining schedules, and bidding to outside vendors.

  3. General contracting: We oversee the bidding process and execute the project to drive value, both in terms of our initial bid and by controlling the project.

  4. Design and build: Our design and build approach focuses on creating efficiencies in the design phase to minimize on-site labor, execute seamlessly, and control costs.

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