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Next step: bringing gas to our global markets with LNG

Our gas offering grows with a new strategic partnership focused on exploring new opportunities in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).


Sovereign Royal Energy with the strategic partners - Sonnens Energy and GDHI Oil Group has ventured into the global LNG business. 

We believe LNG can be a transition fuel that could help reduce the burning of fuels such as coal and fuel oil and support efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and maintain global energy security.

The Company intends to continue exploring a range of EU, ASIAN, Indian, mainland China, and international opportunities in key LNG markets.

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Strategic Partners


Kazakhstan Refineries

United Arab Emirates

Obtaining LNG from Countries Non-Sanctions.

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Really circumstances arising from the use of floating tanks as oil product storage

In recent years, international oil markets have witnessed collapsing oil prices as a result of an excess in supply and a corresponding decrease in demand as consumer behavior switches slowly away from a dependency on oil. Oil refineries and storage facilities are near or at capacity. The absence of terminal and tank farm capacity has generated renewed global interest in and a growing demand for oil tankers to be used as floating storage. This increase in demand for floating storage is being reflected in daily hire rates, with VLCC rates being pushed from averages closer to $100,000 to reportedly in excess of $300,000 a day, according to industry sources.


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